Prices :
All prices are quoted in USD F.O.B. Indonesia, excluding packing costs, freight cost & export documentation cost. Firm prices upon request and subject to validity period specified. PT.jupiter indonesia, reserve the right to revise prices prior notices unless the sale has been concluded.

Payment :
Payment : Advance payment by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)
Advance payment by Telegraphic Transfer at the point of confirmation of sale. Payment must be full payment Include Air freight charges; cost of goods, packaging cost & exports documentation charges. Payments must be paid in advance (deposit) according to our pro-forma invoice as requested from consignee.

Minimum Order Quantity :
Minimum 8 boxes of fishes. Below that minimum charges is under agreement between consignee and shipper.

Documentation :
Consignee must specify at point of purchase what document are required to avoid delay in shipment. Certificates of Origin, Health Certificate etc. will be furnish upon request and the documentation charges include in the real Invoice.

Packing Detail :
Packing  for fresh water fish  with  Standard Styrofoam box :

Small Box ( 51x41x34 CM ) 4 bag/Box

Medium Box ( 73x43x34 CM ) 6 Bag/Box

Large Box (76x43x42 ) 8 Bag/Box

with double plastic bags Polyethylene (PE).

Guarantee and Claim :
Under normal flights / shipment condition our records Showed more than 97% survival on arrival at destination airport. Any mortality happened on the way if less than 3% must be accepted by consignee. Any mortality or loss caused by flight delayed or misconnection flight which is approved and receipt sign by the cargo officer as witness from the airline involved or other causes beyond our power must be shared between shipper and consignee of each a half (50%) unless if the loss can be claimed and paid immediately. Any shipment without news to shipper must be accepted in well by consignee, and claims are not allowed if no report less than 24 hours after receipt of shipment.

Fish Pictures
All fish pictures here are for illustration purposes only, kindly notify us at if any of the pictures here infringe your copyright, our apology and we will removed the picture immediately.